Where is the Power Button on ASUS Laptop: A Simple Guide(2023)

You have just purchased a new ASUS laptop. When using ASUS laptops are known for their reliability and performance you are looking for where is the power button on ASUS Laptop.

The power button is an essential element of any laptop. The power button key part of the instrument is responsible for initiating and controlling these functionalities. It acts as an entrance to the device’s functionality. While it might seem like a straightforward task to find the power button, different laptop manufacturers position it in various places.

Navigating the various elements of a laptop can be confusing at times mostly. When if you’re looking for a specific button like the power button.

In this article, we will guide you on the technique to find the power button on your ASUS laptop, which will make it easier to boot your device without any hassle.

Why is it important to know the location of the power button?

It saves you time turning your device on and off, ensuring you can quickly get to work, play, or any other activity without unnecessary delays.

Understanding the location of the power button is essential to the laptop experience for several reasons:

Efficient Operation: Being aware of the location of the power button saves you time and allows you to turn the device on and off quickly.

Avoiding Damage: Accidentally pressing the wrong button can damage the device or its components. So knowing the exact location helps you avoid unexpected actions.

Emergency Situations: In cases where you need to shut down the device promptly, like during a software freeze or technical issue, knowing the power button’s location enables you to take immediate action.

Battery Conservation: Properly shutting down or putting the device to sleep using the power button helps conserve battery life when the device is not in use.

Quick Restart: Knowing the location of the power button helps simplify the process if you need to restart the device for updates or troubleshooting.

Teaching Others: If you’re assisting someone using the device, knowing the power button’s location allows you to guide them effectively.

Avoiding Data Loss: Improperly turning off a device can lead to data loss. Knowing the power button’s location helps you shut down the machine safely.

Different ASUS Laptop Models and Their Power Button Placement

ASUS produces a wide range of laptops, each with its unique design and layout. Here’s how the power button placement varies across some popular ASUS laptop series:

ASUS VivoBook Series

In the VivoBook series, the power button might be located on the laptop’s side or integrated into the keyboard, usually at the top-right corner. The positioning aims to balance accessibility and aesthetics.

ASUS ZenBook Series

The ZenBook series often features the power button integrated into the top-right corner of the keyboard or on the laptop’s side. This placement ensures easy access while maintaining the laptop’s sleek design.


For gaming enthusiasts using the Republic of Gamers (ROG) series, the power button is typically found near the top of the keyboard, sometimes adorned with a distinctive design to suit the gaming aesthetic.

ASUS Chromebook Series

Chromebooks by ASUS running on the Chrome OS also have a distinctive power button placement. It is often situated in the top-right corner.

Common Power Button Symbols

Most ASUS laptops use a recognizable symbol for the power button – a circle with a vertical line across the top. This universal symbol helps users quickly identify the button responsible for powering the laptop.

Finding the Power Button on Your ASUS Laptop

Find the power Button icon

In the row of function keys, look for a key with a specific power icon. The power icon is represented by a circle with a vertical line reaching out of the top. This icon universally indicates power-related functions, including turning the laptop on and off.


Find the power button on the laptop chassis

On some ASUS laptop models, the power button is found on the chassis, often in the upper right corner of the keyboard or on the side of the laptop. The design of the button may vary, but it usually retains a circular symbol for easy identification.

Integrated power buttons with keyboard

In many ASUS laptops, especially with compact designs, the power button is integrated into the keyboard layout. It can be found in the upper right corner of the keyboard, allowing seamless access when you open your laptop.

Powering On Your ASUS Laptop

To power on your ASUS laptop, follow these simple steps:

1) Find the power button using the information provided earlier.

2) Press the power button firmly but gently.

3) Wait for the laptop to boot, which will take only a few moments.

4) When the laptop starts up, you will see the ASUS logo and then the login screen.

Tips for Efficiently Using the Power Button

While finding and using the power button is easy, a few tips can help you use it more efficiently:

Avoid Holding: Unlike smartphones, laptops usually don’t require you to hold down the power button for an extended period. A single press is generally sufficient to turn the laptop on or off.

Closing the Lid: Some laptops have a power button feature that enables you to turn off the device by closing the lid. This option can be configured in the power settings.

Hibernate vs. Shut Down: Modern laptops offer various power options, including hibernation and shutting down. Hibernation allows you to save your current session and resume it later while shutting down completely powers off the device.

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What to Do If You Can’t Find the Power Button

If you’re still having trouble locating the power button on your ASUS laptop, here are a few steps you can take:

Refer to the Manual: The user manual that came with your laptop should have a section detailing the laptop’s physical features, including the power button’s location.

Visit the Manufacturer’s Website: ASUS’ official website often provides detailed information about their laptop models, including visual guides to help you find the power button.

Contact Customer Support: If all else fails, reaching out to ASUS’ customer support can provide you with accurate and timely assistance.


Where is the power button on your ASUS laptop is a fundamental step toward enjoying a smooth computing experience. Introduce yourself with the location of the power button based on your laptop model and efficiently power on your device when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the power button placement vary by model within the same series?

Yes, ASUS might slightly adjust the power button’s placement even within the same laptop series. It’s best to consult your laptop’s manual or online resources for accurate information.

Is there a universal symbol for the power button?

Yes, the power button is commonly represented by a circle with a vertical line through the top, regardless of the laptop brand.

Can I customize the power button’s function?

ASUS laptops might offer limited customization options for the power button’s function. Check your laptop’s settings to see if any options are available.

What should I do if my power button isn’t working?

If your power button isn’t responding, try restarting your laptop or performing a hard reset. If the issue persists, it might require professional assistance.

How can I conserve battery power when not using my laptop?

To conserve battery power, consider adjusting your laptop’s power settings, closing unused applications, and enabling power-saving modes when applicable.

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